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Case Studies


Successful Research Partner Collaboration Through the DMTC Projects

In the Air Platforms program under the DMTC project 1.9, a number of research organisations and Bauer Engineering  work together to benchmark the additive manufacturing and machining components. One of the main goals of this Victorian Government supported project through their Manufacturing Productivity Network Grant is to take these new manufacturing processes to the SMEs in Victoria.


Bauer Engineering  has been responsible for machining a number of additive manufacturing components. Through this process we have generated very useful knowledge about the finished machining of additive manufacturing components. Some of the components have very complex geometry and fixturing of these components has been a difficult process for machining. Working on this project Bauer Engineering has acquired some very useful information on this process. This has resulted in  winning new contracts to machine Additive Manufactured parts from one of the businesses run by the research partners in this project. This is a significant outcome for our DMTC project by which we have created a new supply chain for the Additive Manufacturing process locally in Victoria.  Contact us for further information on additive manufacturing and machining components.

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